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The Lookbook

Sun San Sandals Swimmer


Based on the original design that has been around since the 1940's. The Swimmer features a plaited leather toe with buckled ankle strap & the Strappy features a more delicately latticed, plaited leather toe with buckled ankle strap.

Cushioned on a leather-lined urethane sole, Sun-San sandals mould to the user's foot with repeated wear.

Swimmers are available in brown, navy, red, pink & white.

Strappies are available in pink & white.

Sizes child 5 - 12 and youth 13 - 3.

Sun San Sandals Swimmer


Your quintessential classic sandal. Adjustable buckle toe & ankle straps on a urethane sole. The double adhesion process makes sure the leather straps never detach from the bottom of Sun-San sandals. Available in 12 colours and sizes child 5 - 12 and youth 13 - 3.

Sun San Sandals Swimmer


A traditional fisherman style sandal. This tough design has a woven semi-closed toe and heel.

Designed to be worn in all wet and dry conditions, Sun-San sandals can withstand running through the surf, scrambling over rocks and being thrown in the washing machine.  They are the perfect summer footwear for exploring.

Available in brown, navy or white. Child sizes 5 - 12.

Sun San Sandals Swimmer


A pretty sandal with heart shape cut-outs and a crimped edge. The sweetheart is fully adjustable with toe and ankle straps. Just as robust as the Surfer but a little bit girlier!

Available in 10 colours and sizes child 5 - 12 and youth 13 - 3.

Sun San Sandals Swimmer


A mini version of the surfer, complete with buckled toe & ankle strap. The colour bonding process means Sun-San sandals are extremely hard wearing and Seawees the perfect starter pair for your little adventurer.

Available in 11 colours, starting at baby size 0 to toddler 4.

Sun San Sandals Swimmer

Salt-Water Original

The first model to come out of Walter Hoy's workshop, the original Salt-Water sandal is defined by its little-way stitched sole. Years ago these would probably have been 100% leather but nowadays the high density rubber sole is a great alternative for pounding the pavement as well as scrambling across rock pools. Available in 15 colours. Sizes toddler 3 to adult 8 (US 9) Salt-Waters fit quite large so we recommend UK kids sizes like-for-like and Adults + 1 size only in this range.

all photography by Hannah Dakin, Michelle Marshall and

all lomography by Mark Entwisle